Earlyon CafeCentra 4.0 Downloads

Download the Version 4.0 of Earlyon CafeCentra software and manuals by clicking on the links below. The Earlyon CafeCentra User Manual and Earlyon CafeCentra Whitepaper are in PDF format and thus require Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or higher versions for viewing. To view the Manual and Whitepaper, double click the downloaded executable files and select the location for the extracted files.

You may wish to download using utilities such as Download Accelerator, GetRight Download or GoZilla Download Manager if you do not have a high-speed and very consistent Internet link.

If you experience any problem downloading any of the files, please send an email promptly about it to us at info@cafecentra.com

  Download Earlyon CafeCentra Client

  Download Earlyon CafeCentra User Manual (Microsoft Word Format)

  Download Earlyon CafeCentra User Manual (Adobe Acrobat Format)

  Download Earlyon CafeCentra Whitepaper

Windows 98 and ME CafeCentra Server Download

The installation of the Earlyon CafeCentra Server on Windows 98/ME with link below also requires the installation of the Earlyon CafeCentra Server Upgrade Patch. The upgrade patch is to be installed after the main server download while CafeCentra Server is not running. For more information about new features added through the upgrade patch, please click here. Note: Previous installation may only download and install the patch.


           Download Earlyon CafeCentra Server Win98/ME


Windows 2000 and XP CafeCentra Server Download

Installations of CafeCentra Server downloaded on Windows 2000 and Windows XP with the link below does not require the upgrade patch; the download already contains features being added through the patch. However it requires the uninstalling of previous versions of CafeCentra Server before it is installed. For more information about these new features upgrade, please click here.

  Download Earlyon CafeCentra Server Win2000/XP

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the Manual & Whitepaper.  


Earlyon CafeCentra 4.0 Support Toolkit Downloads

Use the links below to download some CafeCentra Support Toolkits. Please use only as directed by the CafeCentra Support Team to avoid undesirable results

  Download Earlyon CafeCentra Server Database Repair Kit

  Download Earlyon CafeCentra Server Corrupt Settings Repair Kit







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