Earlyon CafeCentra Product Pricing

 Earlyon CafeCentra License Category

 Price In Nigerian Naira

 Price In American Dollars

 Server plus     5 Client Workstations License N  15,000.00 US $  150.00
 Server plus   10 Client Workstations License N  25,000.00 US $  220.00
 Server plus   15 Client Workstations License N  30,000.00 US $  265.00
 Server plus   20 Client Workstations License N  35,000.00 US $  285.00
 Server plus   25 Client Workstations License N  40,000.00 US $  325.00
 Server plus   30 Client Workstations License N  45,000.00 US $  365.00
 Server plus   40 Client Workstations License N  55,000.00 US $  445.00
 Server plus   50 Client Workstations License N  65,000.00 US $  525.00
 Server plus 100 Client Workstations License N100,000.00 US $  805.00


Important Notice:

Please note that you are required to include an additional flat rate charge of N 5,000.00 or US $ 40.00 to any of the appropriate prices above for a License that covers all the CafeCentra Server Plug-In features such as automated Integrated Bandwidth Monitoring, Programs Execution Restriction, Disk Cleaning and Maintenance, CafeCentra Server Extension and  Web Installations, Search Bars and Web Sites Restrictions. Licenses issued without the additional charge would allow you to have access to all other CafeCentra features except the CafeCentra Server Plug-In features stated above.

Information on Purchasing Earlyon CafeCentra

Nigerian Residents Purchase/Payment

For payments by residents of Nigeria, please make payment using information provided here. We accept bank transfers, local bank cheques and direct bank deposits. To make payment for the purchase of your Earlyon CafeCentra License, please click here


To contact a local representative, reseller or Earlyon partner for assistance in purchasing your Earlyon CafeCentra License, please click here for a list of representatives or partners and their contact information.


International Purchase/Payment

For payments from Americas, Europe, Asia, Australia and African countries excluding Nigeria, please click the button below to make payment using credit cards (Master, Visa, Amex, Discover, etc) or Paypal. We also accept payments through wire transfer and United States of America bank checks.   



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