Earlyon CafeCentra Reseller Program

Generate extra income for yourself or your company by signing up and participating actively in our highly rewarding reseller program. As an Earlyon CafeCentra Reseller, you will be able to directly market CafeCentra to prospective clients and get a percentage based commission on each copy of CafeCentra you are able to successfully market and install. 

Earning Money As An Earlyon CafeCentra Reseller

To validly earn your reseller commission on Earlyon CafeCentra sales, all you have to do is to convince a potential client to download and install Earlyon CafeCentra (you may also personally download and install for such potential clients). During CafeCentra installation, you are to supply your Reseller Code and then send the generated ProductID along with your Reseller Code or ID  in an email info@cafecentra.com as soon as possible. Also, request the potential client to include your Reseller Code in the payment and registration information for CafeCentra, whenever he or she finally decides to purchase. On receipt and confirmation of payment regarding a copy of Earlyon CafeCentra involving a reseller, the due percentage is immediately credited to the Reseller's bank account or disbursed as requested by the reseller. Due to the fact that Earlyon Technologies is not obliged to honor reseller claims in which clients have not included the reseller details along with the registration and payment information provided, it is thus advisable that resellers follow-up on their secured potential clients to ensure that prompt payment is made and the necessary information provided.

Signing Up As An Earlyon CafeCentra Reseller

Signing up as a CafeCentra reseller is very easy. All you have to do to begin is to provide your individual or company details as appropriate below and click the Submit Sign-Up Information button. You are required to pay a Reseller Processing Fee of Two Thousand naira to the company bank account provided on the Earlyon CafeCentra Pricing page to activate your Reseller status. The money is to be paid in the company or individual name you have provided using this page and the payment information mailed to reseller@cafecentra.com Thereafter you would be provided with a valid Reseller Code or ID that you would be required to supply during the installation of CafeCentra for your clients and in future correspondence with us.

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