What's New In Earlyon CafeCentra?

The latest version of Earlyon CafeCentra offers a daunting array of salient and powerful features matched by no other similar product on the market. Surely, managing your Cyber Cafe continues to get easier and more efficient than ever with Earlyon CafeCentra.

New and improved features in Earlyon CafeCentra 4.5 include:

Multi-Point Printer Monitoring

CafeCentra now allows for both pre-paid and post-paid print job billing even on printers that are not directly connected to the computer on which CafeCentra Server is running. In addition, multiple printers can be monitored with multiple different printing rates. Because CafeCentra uses the concept of units and not browsing time for user accounts creation, the cost of page of print job is configured based on units, which makes it extremely flexible and not susceptible to the problem of fixed time deduction which becomes a loss during bonanzas or non-uniform browsing time sales. CafeCentra also continues its tradition of a wide variety of print monitoring options such as the monitoring of print jobs from computers not running CafeCentra Clients, print jobs directly from CafeCentra Server, etc in a way and manner that no other comparable software offers in the market. In fact, now CafeCentra has a separate set of print policies for configuration. Note that CafeCentra offers real-time monitoring of printer jobs and not monitoring of Print dialog as most other available Internet Café billing software do. 

Configurable and Dynamic Web Sites Restriction

A few other Cyber Café Billing software claiming web site restriction only work on Windows 2000 and XP and you would have to explicitly input all imaginable sites into the restriction list. With CafeCentra, the web site restriction works equally well on Windows 95,98, ME, 2000 and XP. To aid performance, you do not have to enter a vast array of sites to limit for example pornographic sites. A few key site parameters may only be entered for those who do not wish to include an exhaustive list that slows down performance. Even when users resort to using search engines to lookup restricted sites and try to navigate to view a cache of such site, CafeCentra totally restricts and foils such tactics, making its web restriction easily the most powerful available in any Cyber Café Billing and Management software on the market.

Integrated Bandwidth Monitoring

The new CafeCentra stands in its own class as a veritable Cyber Café Billing and Management software and not just an ordinary "timer" or "Cyber Café Biller". Now Cyber Café operators can monitor bandwidth traffic or usage on their network easily using both graphical and numeric data provided by the integrated bandwidth monitoring tool in CafeCentra Server and can restrict users to a threshold or have the administrator warned of usage excesses. Bandwidth is monitored in real-time, thus allowing real-time actions. The Bandwidth Monitoring tool distinguishes between TCP and UDP Traffic and provides information on each separately, thus allowing the network administrator to know the volume of traffic from each protocol. In addition, information on uploads and downloads are separately available to provide a finer grain of bandwidth traffic data for the network.

Restrict or Disallow Execution of Unauthorized Programs and Installations

The new CafeCentra client takes security to a higher level to unarguably become the most secure Cyber Cafe billing software available in the market. In addition to the security against user hacking, the new integrated feature of Programs Execution Restriction allows Cyber Café operators to specify authorized programs that can be run on workstations or explicitly specify ones that they want banned from running. Programs to be allowed or denied access are listed by their executable names. CafeCentra is able to recognize the names and signature of the software programs allowed to run, thus foiling attempts to run banned programs carried out through a simple change of the executable name. General software such as Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player, Microsoft Office Programs, Yahoo Messenger and MSN Messenger are automatically allowed access by the CafeCentra Programs Execution Restriction.

Dynamic Multi-Language Support in CafeCentra Client

The new CafeCentra Client now supports French and Spanish in addition to the traditional English language. The languages can be dynamically changed for each session rather than being fixed and permanent, thus allowing cyber café customers to use the client software in the language most suitable to them without creating a nuisance for the next user.

Export & Import CafeCentra Server Settings

You can now export your CafeCentra Server settings if you need to format the host computer hard disk and easily restore those settings back with a couple of mouse clicks, instead of having to reconfigure the server all over again on the new installation.

Bundled Server Database Repair and Maintenance Utility

CafeCentra Server now comes with an easy-to-use bundled external database migration, backup, repair and maintenance toolkit. The database repair toolkit is easy to use and very straightforward and can help in repairing a corrupt database and moving the repaired database to a backup location without the hassle of requiring the CafeCentra Server to be running.

Improved Program Windows Limiting

CafeCentra feature for limiting the maximum number of program windows that can be opened has now been improved to include tabbed windows of programs such as Opera and Mozilla Firefox in addition to all the other windows being previously restricted. The feature allows the operator to manage bandwidth usage indirectly and also to avoid hits on system performance due to too many open program windows.

User Registration Module

Member or customer information and details can now be stored for as long as desired and possibly used for customer relationship management requirements. Customer details that can be entered include addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and much more for efficient customer relationship management. The feature could also be used for club browsing membership management..

Restrict or Limit Multiple Administrator Logon

Now you can conveniently set a limit on an administrator allocating time on multiple workstations at the same period. This gives more control over the activities of cyber cafe attendants and administrators !


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